iPhone App

iOS Login
iOS Product List
iOS Product Details

Easy Login


Login with your web credentials orĀ scan a QR code to easily sign into your account.

Product List


Easily find and view your products, quickly seeing product stock levels and which need to be re-ordered.

Product Details


View a product’s details, seeing each variation’s quantity. From this screen, quickly alter or build a product.

iOS Barcode Scan
iOS Menu
iOS Alter Quantity

Barcode Scanning


Scan any barcode using your phone’s camera and have the appropriate product, sales order, purchase order appear immediately. Also, scan a shipment label to bring up the linked sales or purchase order.

Simple Navigation


Swipe right from any screen to quickly access any list of items from your inventory.

Alter Quantities & Build Kits


Quickly and easily alter a product’s quantity or build a number of kits.