Secure in the Cloud

All your data lives safely in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about managing it and can access it from anywhere.

Mobile Accessible

Manage your inventory from any device, including on iPhone with our native app and tablets through the browser.

Real-time Notifications

Get notified immediately when your products' quantities get low or go out of stock. Receive emails, in-app alerts, and desktop alerts when the browser tab is hidden.

Assembly Kits

Products can exist as parts or as assembly kits, being compromised of one or more parts.

Barcode Scanning

Bring up your products instantly by scanning their barcodes with an external scanner or your iPhone 5 camera. Purchase orders and sales orders are printed with custom bar codes that will instantly bring up the appropriate order/PO.


Assign multiple variations to your products and track quantities separately for each, e.g., color, size.

Build Availability

Based on available parts, Intrakr will show you how many total kits you can build at any point in time.

Shopping Lists

Need to see how many parts are needed to fulfill an order? Shopping lists lets you see exactly how many units are needed in order to build a specified number of kits.


Create sales orders/purchase orders to send to your customers/vendors. Each is printed with a custom barcode that will allow you to instantly recall and alter its status.

Track Shipments

Track the status of your incoming and outgoing orders for 16 US couriers including UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

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Accept Payments

Accept payments from your customers online using Stripe. Simply provide your customer an online invoice and give them the option to pay with a credit card.


Orders can be reserved to hold products' quantities from your available inventory until the order has been paid and fulfilled.



Keep your Square Register in sync with the products on your shelf.

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Using a direct link between Shopify and Intrakr, import your products and keep inventory in sync in real-time.

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Integrate your Infusionsoft account with Intrakr to import products and automatically sync orders.

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Keep track of listing quantities, parts, and materials as sales are made.

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Product Import/Export

Import existing products into Intrakr and/or export Intrakr products to your connected services.

Auto Quantity Sync

Product quantities linked to a connected service are automatically synced for orders that are processed.

Included with all plans

Square, Shopify, and Infusionsoft integrations available with all plans!

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Accept payments from your customers via Stripe for a low, per-transaction fee. No setup or monthly costs.

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