Real-time Notifications

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24 Mar Real-time Notifications

Being a small business owner, your life is fast-paced. You encounter numerous issues each day and extinguish countless fires, some severe, others not as important. While dealing with this constantly, one of the last things you want to worry about is the status of your inventory. You need this part of your business to run smoothly, always having enough stock on hand to fulfill incoming orders to keep your customers satisfied. Today we announce true real-time notifications in Intrakr. As soon as a product becomes low or goes out of stock, you will be notified so that you can take immediate action. Stock-outs happen, but with real-time notifications of any such issues, you can resolve them faster and get back to the rest of your business.

Notification Center

View all notification within the past 24 ours. We’ll alert you when something happens, but in case you miss it, it will show up here as well.

Desktop Notifications

Receive notifications on your desktop so that you know what’s going on, even with your Intrakr tab is hidden from view.

Email Notifications

Choose who gets emails when products become low or go out of stock.

Included in All Plans!

No additional fees, no upgrades necessary – real-time notifications are included with all Intrakr subscriptions. Click here for help getting started with real-time notifications.

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