Feature Update: Create Shopping Lists for Assembly Kits

25 Nov Feature Update: Create Shopping Lists for Assembly Kits

A common pain point for small business owners that sell kits or groups of products/parts is trying to figure out how may parts they need in order to satisfy a large order. With Intrakr’s new Shopping List feature, you can now instantly see what you need to build any number of kits.

View our Support Article for more information on how to use this feature.

Other Notable Changes

  • You can now specify a contact name and more complete addresses for Customers & Vendors.
  • For a product variation, you can specify the vendor’s SKU, which is searchable using the global search and using a barcode scanner.
  • Smoother page transitions
  • Bug fix where available quantity was occasionally mis-calculated in the product tile view.

Hope you had a great weekend! We’re all looking forward to this shorter week and eating big on Thanksgiving!

– The Intrakr Team

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