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01 Nov Enhance Productivity

A recent study in the UK revealed an appalling 3,000 hours a year* are wasted because of inefficient workflow. We are not talking about “fresh air” breaks or texting time. We are talking about legitimate errors in processes and warehouse inventory management.

When it comes down to inventory management it is always the largest struggle for in house product management not matter the size of your company. You could hold 90% merchandise in back stock or just enough to make your sales floor appear locked and loaded; it is an apparent and unattended issue. So what is the answer to this riddle? How do you optimize and control your inventory?

Rather than relying on the old pen and paper or spreadsheet methods, start relying on software. A reliable, user-friendly software system enables comprehensive inventory tracking, many times including quantity, location, advanced reporting, mobile management and usage of barcoding. Querying takes seconds to provide needed information, as opposed to shuffling stacks of paper in a daily inventory scavenger hunt.

For more information on Intrakr© inventory management software check out our features page to see what could work for your business!


**image http://www.scanco.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Warehouse-Management-Challenges.jpg


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