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Intrakr is cloud-based inventory management made specifically for the small and micro business owner. We understand that many common inventory management processes are burdensome and complex, so we built a system that makes it easier for you to track your products.

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Some of our Features

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Secure in the Cloud

All your data lives safely in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about managing it and can access it from anywhere.

Mobile Accessible

Manage your inventory from any device, including on iPhone with our native app and tablets through the browser.

Real-time Notifications

Get notified immediately when your products' quantities get low or go out of stock. Receive emails, in-app alerts, and desktop alerts when the browser tab is hidden.

Assembly Kits

Products can exist as parts or as assembly kits, being comprised of one or more parts.

Barcode Scanning

Bring up your products instantly by scanning their barcodes with an external scanner or your iPhone camera. Purchase orders and sales orders are printed with custom bar codes that will instantly bring up the appropriate order/PO.


Assign multiple variations to your products and track quantities separately for each, e.g., color, size.

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